Habakkuk-Christ Is The Central Message

Christ is the central message of the Old Testament. So we’ll read and interpret the Old Testament in light of the full revelation of God in Jesus; We won't wander around the Minor Prophets unescorted. We'll be there because of Jesus and with the Holy Spirit as our guide.
Habakkuk. The Apostle Paul quotes Habakkuk 2:4 reiterating the doctrine of justification by faith. This spiritual faith is the gift of God and available through Christ. It’s a faith that saves; A faith that sustains; A faith that gives us a glimpse of eternity.  “You can't know, you can only believe - or not” ~CS Lewis The righteous live by faith, says scripture...
Join us Wednesday March 21st @ 7pm as we share, pray, discuss and noodle or way through the Book of Habakkuk
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