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Thoughts From The Back Pew

Thoughts from the back pew, a thought provoking, interactive study, exploring the issues we all encounter on our spiritual journey. Maybe within this study you'll  find a fresh perspective as I share stories from my view, in the back pew...#Pkes This Week, Wednesday July 18th @ 7pm: 
Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs Directions to Ministry in Motion 🆗 #MinMChurch #MetroLifechurch

When Did We Find You Hungry & Give You Food?

"...when did we find You hungry and give You food? When did we find You thirsty and slake Your thirst? When did we..." "...I tell you this: whenever you saw a brother or sister hungry or cold, whatever you did to the least of these, so you did to Me..."
The only difference in the sheep and the goats is what they did or did not do... Or, As God told Israel, “You’re doing all your religious exercises, but those things mean nothing if you ignore the poor."  So each month Ministry in Motion rents this truck, full of fresh produce, to share with our friends at the The Well on Masters Road. Lean in and be part of MinM family. #MinMChurch#MetroLifeChurch

My God!

My God! He is not an Episcopalian, not a Catholic, not a Baptist, not an Evangelical. His politics are not left leaning nor do they hedge to the right. He will outlast Mt Rushmore; He is not represented by a bald eagle but a descending dove.  Every nation has churches that are shaped by their society’s cultural values and by the political landscape of the day. America is no different. But we must always remember that the God of the Scriptures is the God of one ideology, His. 
He is the God of the poor and stranger(s), Lev 19:10.  God, residing in his holy dwelling, is a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, Ps 68:5.  The Eternal preserves the stranger [foreigner].        Ps 146:9 
I love America, my country - I’m committed to liberty and justice for all. But way to many churches are reflecting the ugliness of our age rather than the beauty of the risen Christ.  Pray with me: Lord, save us from ourselves. In your great mercy, restore and heal each of us, wherever we reside; grant us…

Privatized Salvation?

The Christian life is not just about a personal relationship with God, even if personal faith and responsibility are absolutely necessary. When too much emphasis is placed on a privatize salvation, we run the potential of getting so much wrong.

Avoid the draw to escape church citizenry.  Becoming a disciple of Christ was never meant to be a solo expedition. Doing so means we expose ourselves to totally missing the opportunity to see the Eternal and His Holy Spirit in action: in real communities, in actual churches, in non-partisan politics, in obvious differences, in honest-to-goodness marriages, in authentic social discussions and during hard theological disagreements. You can't go it alone. Following Jesus shouldn’t be about intellectual assent, but rather it's communal activity, where-by we help ensure we don’t run the risk of missingthe Word who came to dwell among us. Consider that believing in Jesus and being mentored by the Holy Ghost is largely a group activity, albeit a…

Giving Back

Believing that all people are created in God’s image, we willingly support local and global initiatives that serve those in need, the marginalized and the vulnerable.Your giving + our time = our ability to serve in our local communities while also contributing financially to the work of partner agencies who intentionally demonstrate Jesus’ love through action.
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All gifts are tax-deductible and a year-end giving statement is prepared and sent, the end of each January.  Ministry in Motion is a Texas Nonprofit Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) corporation under the  US Internal Revenue Service Code. #MetroLifeChurch #MinMChurch

What If We Were Formed By The Beatitudes?

Wednesday June 27th @ 7pm  The Beatitudes describe the ideal disciple and his rewards, both present and future. The person whom Jesus describes in these passages has a different quality of character and lifestyle than those still 'outside the kingdom.' Sometimes it's even different from those who subscribe to being 'inside the kingdom.' Picture Jesus, on a hill, a small mount, facing the Sea of Galilee, near the town of Capernaum. Here the eight Beatitudes, with a final blessing, are recorded, for all posterity, in Matthew's Gospel, chapter 5, versus3-11. When Jesus, Yeshua, had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law. As I read and re-read these wise words of antiquity, I'm thoroughly convinced that the Beatitude attitudes are missing from many of the contemporary evangelical churches in America. So I asked myself, what might happen if we became a peo…

When Silence Creeps You Out

How many times have we been excited to tell a story to someone, to express an excitement or a share an aha moment, only for it to fall on deaf ears?
“...All who have ears to hear, let them listen…” Essentially Jesus is saying:Listen up! Pay close attention! The Greek Scriptures record this phrase,"He who has ears to hear, let him hear"seven times, each time from the lips of the Christ. Although we hear with our ears, many of us don’t necessarily listen to what is being said.
Whether we’re communicating with a significant other, family members, a colleague or friend, everyone wants to feel heard. And if we’re in conflict—when emotions are inflamed, it’s easy for understanding to be compromised, agreements to seem impossible and hearing to be all but lost. When we don’t hear we’ll,when we are reacting too quickly orjudging, or providing solutions, even disagreeing, we become less of aa good sounding board and more like somebody who just wants to be heard. But when someone listen…

How to Survive a Shipwreck

This Wednesday we'll continue our study:   Help IS on the Way, How to Survive a Shipwreck  #MetroLifeChurch #MinmChurch

The Love of God

Love encompasses a variety of emotional and mental states, from the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest of pleasures. The disciple John wrote more about love than any other biblical author. In his first epistlehe penned:“ …God is love. Anyone who lives faithfully in love also lives faithfully in God, and God lives in him…”Richard Rohr said: “We are born out of love, we exist in love, and we are destined for eternal love. . . . It is time to reinvent ourselves in love." Love is an attribute of God, a core aspect of His character. While I find this a bit incomprehensible, it does beg the the question: Is God an impersonal principle or a personal being?  If you believe “God is Love” do you consider this as a theoretical,  or personal truth? Share with us on FB, Why or why not?
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Thy Kingdom Come — But Why Not Now?

Quick question. Why would God come at this particular time in history, in Bethlehem during the reign of Caesar Augustus, in the person of Jesus, during the taking of a census? Why not during the Middle Ages? Or during the Great Depression? Or in the midst of the Holocaust?Why Not Now? Now and Not Yet. As Jesus walked along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, he said It’s time! The kingdom of God is near! The God who would not show his face to Moses has shown his face to his people in and as Jesus.The kingdom has come, according to the text, including this from Luke 17:21 And the coming of the kingdom is still future according toMark 13:32This is all very puzzling.It confused the Pharisees and Scribes. Baffled Christ’s disciples. It’s dizzying to me. During the latter half of the twentieth century, scholars came to a consensus about Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God. They agreed, and I think they were right, that it has both a present aspect, and a future aspect . The now piece is the k…

Help Is on the Way

Disappointed dreams, broken relationships, identity crises, vocational hang-ups, wounds from the past— there are so many ways life can send us crashing up against the rocks.
So when life leaves you shipwrecked, what can you do? In Help Is On the Way, author and pastor Jonathan Martin draws from his own shipwreck experiences to uncover how God meets us in our most critical moment, and exactly what we need to hang on until morning.
Join us Wednesday May 23rd @ 7pm as Pastor Keith leads us in this new study series... Directions to Ministry in Motion
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Abandon Faith

Colleagues: We can pretend to have all the game we want while up on stage, in the pulpit, on the mission field, or in our communities of faith. But it’s how we engage with the rental-car attendant or the guy bagging groceries - that's where everybody knows if we are really with Jesus...#pkes #MetroLifeChurch   #MinMchurch

Doctrine & Theology

If your doctrine is more important than love, you already have bad theology. Everything Saul knew before he was on the Road to Damascus became nothing after he met Jesus. #MinMChurch#MetroLifeChurch

Come Thy Fount 🎶

Come thou fount of every blessing Tune my heart to sing Thy grace Streams of mercy never ceasing Call for songs of loudest praise Teach me some melodious sonnet Sung by flaming tongues above I'll praise the mount I'm fixed upon it Mount of Thy redeeming love
Here I raise my Ebenezer Hither by Thy help I come And I hope by Thy good pleasure Safely to arrive at home Jesus sought me when a stranger Wondering from the fold of God He, to rescue me from danger Interposed His precious blood
O to grace how great a debtor Daily I'm constrained to be! Let thy goodness like a fetter Bind my wandering heart to Thee Prone to wander Lord I feel it Prone to leave the God I love Here's my heart Lord, take and seal it Seal it for Thy courts above  A wonderful, moving, classic song with some unfamiliar words in it - words that are largely obsolete in our modern language. Take Ebenezer for example. They don't mean Ebenezer Scrooge, from the Christmas Carol. The word Ebenezer appears in the Hebrew Scriptures,…

In The Name of The Father and The Son...

“…Let Me say it again: if you ask for anything in My name, I will do it…”Jn 14The early church never presented Jesus as the solution to their marriage choices or issues, or career failures or house hunting or finding a parking place in a crowded lot. Heavy sigh… I know that there are instances in the Bible of people praying for natural desires — protection from enemies and escape from danger & recovery from sickness, etc. These desires are NOT wrong, but I think that just maybe our American Evangelical prayers sometimes run amuck, become more like wish lists, and yield to fleshly desires more than kingdom priorities. In the first couple of centuries after Jesus's resurrection there were themost amazing transformations occurring. Social and religious cultures were being altered by perhaps one of the most peaceful means in the history of the world. How did it happen? Did these ppl have wish lists they hurled towards heaven too? What kind of people were these, Christians? Maybe the …

Mary - What a Mystery She Is

Wednesday May 16th @ 7pm The Mary You Didn't Know - An Interactive Discussion
Directions to Ministry in Motion
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The Apostle James wrote:…Come close to the one true God, and He will draw close to you…”

How can I be intimate with someone I can’t see, hear, or touch? God and I can’t go out for coffee or even give each other a hug. Yet we know that God created us for intimate fellowship with him. What's that supposed to look like?
The human desire for intimacy, for love, drives us — Since the beginning, our loving Creator has been pursuing us, drawing us, inviting us closer to Him.In the dark of night,Jesus told Nicodemus to to awake his soul, saying: “You must be born againSome things with God are so personal, so intimate, that they cannot be described with any words other than to say they can only be felt with the heart. True intimacy with God is when we feel what no one else can really understand. It's like a special bond shared with Him alone, because it's altogether cosmically personal. But Christianity isn’t a solo endeavor - it’s a we thing. Our intimacy with God, through His son…

Finding Jesus in the Minor Prophets - Malachi

Have you ever tried to shared something really really important with someone...and they just didn't get it. Maybe they even gave you that blank, 'deer in the headlight', duh, stare. The Hebrew ppl of Malachi's time were no different. Until they were confronted with direct, not so subtle, challenges they were not getting the need for repentance. They were totally lacking when it came to worship and a faithful clergy. It was into this setting that God sent the prophet Malachi.
Finding Jesus in the Minor Prophets - Malachi Wednesday 7pm Directions to Ministry in Motion
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Follow Your Heart?

The Planet says: “Follow Your Heart."Really? Have you ever tried to follow your heart? Its an Interesting directive that can be incredibly freeing, assuming the body, psyche and spirit are properly tethered and your internal hunch is neutral and without bias.  But it can also be horrifically dangerous to follow our feelings, desires, and emotions, no matter how grounded we think we are because our internal guidance systems change all the time. They can change with a phone call, a word of criticism or a traffic jam. If we truly followed them, we’d be all over the map with our decisions.  The ProphetJeremiah said: “The heart is most devious and incurably sick. Who can understand it?”Ezekiel chimed in about the heart too:“I will plant a new heart and new spirit inside of you. I will take out your stubborn, stony heart and give you a willing, tender heart of flesh.  In my life I found that the great cardiologist, Jesus, accomplished a miraculous heart transplant when I came to grips wit…

Getting Into Trouble

Trouble, no matter how you define it, usually comes. It’s an inevitable part of life. It has a way of finding you, even if you ‘mind your Ps and Qs. In the media, I continue to read about Christians getting into trouble because of their beliefs. I think they take solace in the idea that“If you find that the world despises you, remember that before it despised you, it first despised Me. If you were a product of the world order, then it would love you. But you are not a product of the world because I have taken you out of it, and it despises you for that very reason” #JesusOur walk by faith, if it is true biblical faith, will get us in trouble, wrote, AW Tozer. Are you in Trouble?
All to often Christians get themselves into trouble notbecause they wear the countenance of Christ, but because their attitudes are anything but Christ-like.Put another way, sometimes we believers are despised, not because we are like Christ but because we are not like Him. What I find interesting is that even p…

Zechariah - Finding Jesus in the Minor Prophets

One of the distinguishing marks of humanity is our ability to preserve our history and ideally, learn from it. When we fail to learn from our past, we are likely to repeat our  mistakes, ugh.  Zechariah's prophecy, in the later part of the 6th century B.C., deals with the people of God failing to learn from their painful history - he calls on them to look back and recall, while simultaneously asking the Hebrews to look forward to their glorious future, dominated by the work of the promised Messiah, Jesus. Wednesday April 18th, 7pm Directions to Ministry in Motion
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Easter Isn't Over...

The 'good candy' has all  been eaten and is missing from  the Easter baskets; Maybe there are still be a few colored eggs in the frig, egg salad in the making; And, the seats in church aren't nearly as full as they were the same time last week, but Easter isn't over - it has just begun. The Resurrection revealed: Disbelieving followers - God always waits on us, even when we have left Him behind; Ask the two disciples going to EmmausHearts churning with questionsA ghostVisible wounds - Check this out ThomasBroiled fish - Guess who’s coming to dinnerFulfillment of the Hebrew ScripturesFinal instructions: “...Stay in the city until you receive it—until power from heaven comes upon you...”Farewell for now, sort’aObedience -The disciples returned to Jerusalem, filled with intense joy, and they return again and again to the temple to celebrate God
Christ has died; Christ has risen; Christ will come again
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Easter - Peace Be With You

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 
When Jesus rose from the dead, He gave his friends the gift of resurrection peace, breathed on them, and said: ‘Receive ye the Holy Ghost’ What a post-resurrection moment! It’s here when the spiritual cosmos crossed to be with the human world. A simple and common gesture — a breath, so special, so wonderful. Jesus was preparing His disciples and us for aglobal mission of peace and nonviolence. So today on this Easter Sunday we follow Jesus by welcoming that gift of resurrection peace, breathing in his Holy Spirit, and walking in his footsteps.  Peace be with you… #Pkes
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The Harrowing of Hell

Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday and the day before Easter, the end of Lent, the conclusion of Holy Week; The final day to enter into the story of Christ’s passion. Historically this Saturday commemorates the day that Jesus' body lay in the borrowed tomb and the Harrowing of Hell. What? This Harrowing of Hell is referred to in theApostles' Creedand it re-tells that Jesus "descended into hell” This journey is alluded to in the New Testament and in 1 Peter which speaks of Jesus preaching to "the imprisoned spirits" So on this Saturday I reflect on the mystery that as the mortal body of Jesus lay in the tomb, His spirit/soul was not. The Christ was on a prescribed mission, He was about His Father’s business… Between death and the resurrection,  we wait..  the coming of the third day,  to rise and walk in the newness of life. 
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Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs

“..Like a sheep to a shearing, like a lamb to be slaughteredhe went—oh so quietly, oh so willingly..”The crucifixion of Christ, the awful marriage of human sinfulness and the pinnacle of divine grace, must remain an enduring mystery, a mystery of my faith — Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again. Good Friday calls on me to take another look, to remember, His death. ~Selah~ So in my exuberance to treasure all the beauty that is Easter, I must be careful not to scurry past Good Friday. Easter alone does not make Christianity unique. It’s Good Friday, coupled with Easter, where we find the uniqueness of Christianity. As you contemplate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, I pray that God will reveal his unfathomable love for you in new ways. May you know the love of the one who gave his life for you…#Pkes
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