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Cosmic Collusion, Book of Acts

Cosmic Collusion, Book of Acts - Their Story and Our Story Collide. Luke's sequel to his Gospel presents a selective history of the early church. This cosmic journey begins in Jerusalem, the center of Jewish life and fulfills the promises spoken centuries earlier by Israel's poets and prophets. Wednesday night August 23rd @ 7pm
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The Man from Libya

I speak from experience, no onepurposely sets out to fall, stumble or fail. Even Jesus didn't carry the cross, alone. [Insert a deep breath here - sigh]. What makes us think we can schlep through life by ourselves? We need brothers & sisters like Simon of Cyrene, who made one brief yet significant appearance in human history - he came to help. Others could have done it, help carry Christ's cross. I suspect there were those present on that Good Friday, who had pity, voiced compassion, spoke words of mercy, but only Simon, father of Rufus, accepted being pressed into duty. It speaks volumes to the character of the man from modern day Libya. He was willing to get his hands dirty, risk injury and ridicule and be obvious.Simon of Cyrene represents each and one of us, with whom Jesus shares His work and with whom Jesus becomes our partner in life’s sorrows and victories.How willing are you to accept being pressed into duty?   #MetroLifeChurch#MinMChurch

Ministry in Motion / MetroLifeChurch

We're a  Community who gathers each Wednesday at 7pm. A church for those who aren't into church. A spot for truthful reflection & study. A bastion of grace, accepting those who are single or married, divorced or gay, filthy rich or dirt poor. We welcome you if you sing like Andrea Bocelli or like our pastor. Join us if you are inked, pierced or both. We don't  care if you're more Catholic than the Pope or haven't been to church since the last wedding you attended. We  want you to lean in if you are a NASCAR guy  or a vegan tree huggers. Pharisees. Romans. Prostitutes. Sinners - All are welcomed... 
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Gifts of Imperfection


A Disturbing Graphic

Rude. Insensitive. Irreverent. Sacrilegious, indeed, but why?Because the graphic gets to a deep seeded truth that resides in many of us - Jesus on the cross has become mostly a mascot for our ideology, a logo for show. Increasingly, He’s not seen as Our Great High Priest,I Am, The Lamb of God, The Way. Maybe keeping Him segregated, isolated, as an iconic good-luck piece absolves us from any real action, let alone any spiritual, humanistic or moral change. Maybe it's easier for us, to lower God to the shallowness of our well managed, often strained Americanized theology, than it is to moved into benevolence, empathy and compassion. Graphic courtesy: #MetroLifeChurch #MinMChurch

Spiritual Schizophrenia

Mytheology is delusional, unbalanced at best, especially when I want God to love me, but I also want Him to demonstrate my anger by taking down the people I don't like or agree with. My neurosis continues when I want God to love me unconditionally, but show His righteous indignation at those who are mean-spirited, ignorant people, in my opinion. I want God to be boiling over in rage towards "sinners," myself excluded. Of course, I’m continually reminded the by the Word, the God I worship came not to condemn but to save sinners of which I am one. God help me in my double-mindedness…
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Star of Hope - Outreach Ministry

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