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The Table

Isn't table sharing what we are here for? Christians have a differing relationship with the Lord’s Supper, Communion, the Eucharist. This Passover induced gospel feast has been central to Christian worship since the beginning of the church. But many believers find the Lord’s Supper confusing, boring, intimidating or a dogmatic ritual. There was a point, in my pastoral walk, where I must admit I may have over emphasized what Paul wrote in Corinthians:“Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord.”While I can’t speak for you, but even on my best days, I could easily not feel worthy. Was the Apostle Paul telling the Corinthian Church, and you and me, that we had to have our proverbial act together before we take Communion? OMG, I hope not!  While we do need to check ourselves, The Table must be a welcoming place, a spot for truthful reflection, a bastion of grace, accepting those who are …

Empathy - You Are Not Alone

Our study series continues @ 7pm The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene' Brown  This week: Empathy 
Empathy in our prayers, especially intercessory prayer, may very well include:  putting your own "stuff" aside; being nonjudgmental;  leaning in and saying " You are not Alone"


An Event - Heights Interfaith Food Pantry

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Don't Be That Guy - A Short Story

I had a friend who became a Christian, which I thought was pretty cool--until he stopped conversing with me. And now, he’s only interested in converting me. I lost my friend. Being able to tell our story of how God’s kingdom and my life intersected is my eye-witness account of a cosmic event that is uniquely mine. It’s the stuff movies are made of: the Creator and me connecting, fusing. Scripture tells me that I am to always be ready to speak up and tell anyone, humbly and respectfully, why I live a life of hope. Sharing my faith! Oh what could possibly go wrong? Well, if I’m not careful I could pretend I really, really love the person I’m are sharing my saga with when in reality I dismiss the person rather quickly if their hopes and values and beliefs don’t quickly conform to my theology and experiential story. I could end up losing a friend.    
My story, my journey with Christ, needs to be told naturally, organically and not contrived, but with love, stick-to-itiveness, grace and simp…

Gifts of Imperfection, A Study..

A study and discussion prompted by Brene' Brown's book: The Gifts of Imperfection Wednesday July 19th, 7pm
Cultivating a Resilient Spirit
​Letting Go of Scarcity & Fear of the Dark

Wimp or Warrior?

I'm not a fighter. My dad taught me to box and I liked sparring with him. I wonder what happened to my ol’ leather boxing gloves? Once in the 5th Grade, on the way home from school, I wrestled with Teddy and struck him in the face.  I don’t remember why we fought. In Christ’s Sermon on the Mount we’re confronted with an instruction that flies in the face of a society that often demands justice or at the very least a response - reacting to a stinging attack with the same degree of hatefulness. The ancient solution to an altercation, physical or verbal is:“Turning the other cheek"and it’s a difficult principle for many people to understand.“…But I tell you, do not fight with the man who wants to fight. Whoever hits you on the right side of the face, turn so he can hit the other side also…” Mt 5:39 Often we get snookered into thinking we must NOT let ourselves be the losers when others attack us - we can’t let them get away with it! Turning a cheek doesn’t imply pacifism or wimpin…

Living Water - Leon Nicaragua

It's happening in Leon, Nicaragua, November 26-December 2, 2017. Along with our friends at Living Water International ( ) Ministry in Motion/MetroLife Churchwill share a conviction that our Ministry should help bring usable hope: drinkable water and Living Water - the hope of the Gospel, to thirsty friends we have yet to meet. Get involved.  Connect with us at: office[@] for some ways you can pitch in. 
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Giving Back to Our Community

Showing God's Love in our community through:  Open Hearts, Bended Knees and Willing Hands.

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Each us is a constantly unfolding narrative. Our stories connect the past and present to the future with an ever evolving rhythm uniquely ours. Telling our Story can be empowering, cathartic and freeing. 
But few people know how to tell their Story effortlessly. Often they drone on with details, important to them, but frankly boring to us. In the end, their narration putters out. 
Storytelling is a way to deepen and strengthen our faith - God’s presence is revealed in our testimony. And, because our Story is special, because it can be influential, it deserves to be told well. 
So here’s my challenge. Can you tell your Story in five (5) words?  Not four, not six, but five. Chronicle your #MyStoryinFiveWords on our Facebook page:

My Story?: Selfish. Softened. Filled. Fulfilled. Encourager.

Star of Hope, Houston, TX

Ministering this week at the Star of Hope in Houston, Texas.  We’ll remember that: - No book is a chapter,  - No chapter tells the whole story,  - No mistake defines who we are.

We will speak with dignity and truth, knowing the people we think are most in need of saving, are the people God will likely use to save us.