Can't Tell Ya

Are you holding a close secret? Are you mum on something you're not supposed to tell anyone? If you’re like many folks I’ve met, you’re holding ‘something or other’ pretty close to your vest. And in doing so, as SNL’s Mike Myers would say: “Oh, I'm getting a little verklempt (farklempt). 
Most stuff is worth sharing, especially with the right person. While sharing personal “stuff” might seem like an invasion of privacy, it’s so worth the “vulnerability hangover”  It’s worth being misunderstood and misrepresented. There’s desirability in discomfort. It's worth the death of your self-image and maybe even your brand. There’s benefit to owning up to what’s inside, no matter how difficult, because as the Psalmist wrote: Hidden things will always come out into the open. Secret things will come to light and be exposed.[1] Secrets bring bondage, sharing brings freedom.
Freedom. Here’s what happens when you finally drop the act, when you finally admit that you're not fine, when you put-up your white flag — you become freer than you think. Winner Winner... In your freedom you discover that Jesus doesn't only hang out with winners, He hangs with folks like you and me. People who are dinged up, tarnished. In fact, you learn that Jesus is perhaps even more tender with those of us who are unable to keep up the facade. You are worth the relief of your own honesty. Take a deep breath. Let the chips fall. I think you’ll be more grateful than you ever imagined. Our souls cry out for the freedom of truth.. Shalom… #pkes

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