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Follow Your Heart?

The world, planet earth, says: “Follow Your Heart."Really? Have you ever tried to follow your heart? Its an interesting directive that can be incredibly freeing, assuming the body, psyche and spirit are properly tethered and your internal hunch is neutral and without bias.  But it can also be horrifically dangerous to follow our feelings, desires, and emotions, no matter how grounded we think we are because our internal guidance systems change all the time. They can change with a phone call, a word of criticism or a traffic jam. If we truly followed them, we’d be all over the map with our decisions.  The ProphetJeremiah said: “The heart is most devious and incurably sick. Who can understand it?”Ezekiel chimed in about the heart too:“I will plant a new heart and new spirit inside of you. I will take out your stubborn, stony heart and give you a willing, tender heart of flesh.  In my life I found that the great cardiologist, Jesus, accomplished a miraculous heart transplant when I cam…

Getting Into Trouble

Trouble, no matter how you define it, usually comes. It’s an inevitable part of life. It has a way of finding you, even if you ‘mind your Ps and Qs. In the media, I continue to read about Christians getting into trouble because of their beliefs. I think they take solace in the idea that“If you find that the world despises you, remember that before it despised you, it first despised Me. If you were a product of the world order, then it would love you. But you are not a product of the world because I have taken you out of it, and it despises you for that very reason” #JesusOur walk by faith, if it is true biblical faith, will get us in trouble, wrote, AW Tozer. Are you in Trouble?
All to often Christians get themselves into trouble notbecause they wear the countenance of Christ, but because their attitudes are anything but Christ-like.Put another way, sometimes we believers are despised, not because we are like Christ but because we are not like Him. What I find interesting is that even p…

Easter Isn't Over...

The 'good candy' has all  been eaten and is missing from  the Easter baskets; Maybe there are still be a few colored eggs in the frig, egg salad in the making; And, the seats in church aren't nearly as full as they were the same time last week, but Easter isn't over - it has just begun. The Resurrection revealed: Disbelieving followers - God always waits on us, even when we have left Him behind; Ask the two disciples going to EmmausHearts churning with questionsA ghostVisible wounds - Check this out ThomasBroiled fish - Guess who’s coming to dinnerFulfillment of the Hebrew ScripturesFinal instructions: “...Stay in the city until you receive it—until power from heaven comes upon you...”Farewell for now, sort’aObedience -The disciples returned to Jerusalem, filled with intense joy, and they return again and again to the temple to celebrate God
Christ has died; Christ has risen; Christ will come again
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Easter - Peace Be With You

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 
When Jesus rose from the dead, He gave his friends the gift of resurrection peace, breathed on them, and said: ‘Receive ye the Holy Ghost’ What a post-resurrection moment! It’s here when the spiritual cosmos crossed to be with the human world. A simple and common gesture — a breath, so special, so wonderful. Jesus was preparing His disciples and us for aglobal mission of peace and nonviolence. So today on this Easter Sunday we follow Jesus by welcoming that gift of resurrection peace, breathing in his Holy Spirit, and walking in his footsteps.  Peace be with you… #Pkes
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