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Help Is on the Way

Disappointed dreams, broken relationships, identity crises, vocational hang-ups, wounds from the past— there are so many ways life can send us crashing up against the rocks.
So when life leaves you shipwrecked, what can you do? In Help Is On the Way, author and pastor Jonathan Martin draws from his own shipwreck experiences to uncover how God meets us in our most critical moment, and exactly what we need to hang on until morning.
Join us Wednesday May 23rd @ 7pm as Pastor Keith leads us in this new study series... Directions to Ministry in Motion
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Abandon Faith

Colleagues: We can pretend to have all the game we want while up on stage, in the pulpit, on the mission field, or in our communities of faith. But it’s how we engage with the rental-car attendant or the guy bagging groceries - that's where everybody knows if we are really with Jesus...#pkes #MetroLifeChurch   #MinMchurch

Doctrine & Theology

If your doctrine is more important than love, you already have bad theology. Everything Saul knew before he was on the Road to Damascus became nothing after he met Jesus. #MinMChurch#MetroLifeChurch

Come Thy Fount 🎶

Come thou fount of every blessing Tune my heart to sing Thy grace Streams of mercy never ceasing Call for songs of loudest praise Teach me some melodious sonnet Sung by flaming tongues above I'll praise the mount I'm fixed upon it Mount of Thy redeeming love
Here I raise my Ebenezer Hither by Thy help I come And I hope by Thy good pleasure Safely to arrive at home Jesus sought me when a stranger Wondering from the fold of God He, to rescue me from danger Interposed His precious blood
O to grace how great a debtor Daily I'm constrained to be! Let thy goodness like a fetter Bind my wandering heart to Thee Prone to wander Lord I feel it Prone to leave the God I love Here's my heart Lord, take and seal it Seal it for Thy courts above  A wonderful, moving, classic song with some unfamiliar words in it - words that are largely obsolete in our modern language. Take Ebenezer for example. They don't mean Ebenezer Scrooge, from the Christmas Carol. The word Ebenezer appears in the Hebrew Scriptures,…

In The Name of The Father and The Son...

“…Let Me say it again: if you ask for anything in My name, I will do it…”Jn 14The early church never presented Jesus as the solution to their marriage choices or issues, or career failures or house hunting or finding a parking place in a crowded lot. Heavy sigh… I know that there are instances in the Bible of people praying for natural desires — protection from enemies and escape from danger & recovery from sickness, etc. These desires are NOT wrong, but I think that just maybe our American Evangelical prayers sometimes run amuck, become more like wish lists, and yield to fleshly desires more than kingdom priorities. In the first couple of centuries after Jesus's resurrection there were themost amazing transformations occurring. Social and religious cultures were being altered by perhaps one of the most peaceful means in the history of the world. How did it happen? Did these ppl have wish lists they hurled towards heaven too? What kind of people were these, Christians? Maybe the …

Mary - What a Mystery She Is

Wednesday May 16th @ 7pm The Mary You Didn't Know - An Interactive Discussion
Directions to Ministry in Motion
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The Apostle James wrote:…Come close to the one true God, and He will draw close to you…”

How can I be intimate with someone I can’t see, hear, or touch? God and I can’t go out for coffee or even give each other a hug. Yet we know that God created us for intimate fellowship with him. What's that supposed to look like?
The human desire for intimacy, for love, drives us — Since the beginning, our loving Creator has been pursuing us, drawing us, inviting us closer to Him.In the dark of night,Jesus told Nicodemus to to awake his soul, saying: “You must be born againSome things with God are so personal, so intimate, that they cannot be described with any words other than to say they can only be felt with the heart. True intimacy with God is when we feel what no one else can really understand. It's like a special bond shared with Him alone, because it's altogether cosmically personal. But Christianity isn’t a solo endeavor - it’s a we thing. Our intimacy with God, through His son…

Finding Jesus in the Minor Prophets - Malachi

Have you ever tried to shared something really really important with someone...and they just didn't get it. Maybe they even gave you that blank, 'deer in the headlight', duh, stare. The Hebrew ppl of Malachi's time were no different. Until they were confronted with direct, not so subtle, challenges they were not getting the need for repentance. They were totally lacking when it came to worship and a faithful clergy. It was into this setting that God sent the prophet Malachi.
Finding Jesus in the Minor Prophets - Malachi Directions to Ministry in Motion
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