Easter Isn't Over...

The 'good candy' has all  been eaten and is missing from  the Easter baskets; Maybe there are still be a few colored eggs in the frig, egg salad in the making; And, the seats in church aren't nearly as full as they were the same time last week, but Easter isn't over - it has just begun.
The Resurrection revealed:
  • Disbelieving followers - God always waits on us, even when we have left Him behind; Ask the two disciples going to Emmaus
  • Hearts churning with questions
  • A ghost 
  • Visible wounds - Check this out Thomas
  • Broiled fish - Guess who’s coming to dinner 
  • Fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures 
  • Final instructions: “...Stay in the city until you receive it—until power from heaven comes upon you...”
  • Farewell for now, sort’a 
  • Obedience -  The disciples returned to Jerusalem, filled with intense joy, and they return again and again to the temple to celebrate God

Christ has died; Christ has risen; Christ will come again

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art: by schiavone --- video: mystery by charlie hall