Back to Skool - Adopt a Teacher

Each year, when I pay my property taxes, I’m surprised to see how much of my tax $$ go to our local independent school district. I don't begrudge the allocation, I'm just stunned when I hear our teachers say they have to pay for school supplies 'out of their own pocket' 💬If you are or were an educator, I'm sure this is not a surprise or news to you.

In the past, Ministry in Motion, like many other non-profit 501C3’s, donated school supplies and backpacks at the beginning of the school year. These supplies either go to anonymous kids or to the schools directly to be distributed as the administrators saw best. 

This year we took a different tact. We made our involvement more intentional, more personal. We adopted teachers. We said we would meet their supply needs, not only at the beginning of the school year, but throughout the year - including those times in the Winter and Spring when teachers are being stretched to their limits and supplies are being maxed out.

“A teacher hasn’t taught until a student has learned,” educator Henrietta Mears once said. We’re not going to forget about our adopted teachers. Help us help them, teach well Peace…#pkes

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💬 NPR.Org 12/2017