Get Your Tickets Now!

Jesus told us to go into all the world and make disciples. So we Christians share the the gospel saying “have you asked Jesus into your heart”? This is an over simplified gospel, an evacuation proclamation, designed to take you to heaven and escape the doom. This isn’t a risky sharing of the Good News, it’s safe and comfortable.

But what we should be saying is re-think your life, repent, then believe in the Jesus way of doing things: care for the least of these; Take up your cross daily; Love God and love others; practice the Beatitudes...This gospel is deeper, more complete, but more demanding. As Thomas Merton put it, we're not sharing “ invitation to escape into a private heaven...[but] a call to transfigure... [a] stricken world.” Ignoring the deep we continue to share the shallower gospel of Jesus dying to take you to heaven. We proclaim Jesus as the heavenly conductor who is handing out tickets to heaven as opposed to the carpenter who repairs, renovates, and restores God’s good world.
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