Life Interrupted

Today marks the beginning of Advent, the four-week season of anticipation that guides us into the celebration of Christmas. Advent is a time for telling the story of how Jesus Christ fulfilled the story of Israel waiting for Messiah:
“…Come, O Come, Emmanuel,
And ransom captive Israel…”
Every year we tell the Christmas story, again, because we need to immerse ourselves in the story of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace - Emmanuel, God with us. I’ve come to really appreciate Advent as more than a season in the liturgical year; than a time of Christmas music after Thanksgiving. More than sentimental fluffiness or the lightning a colored candles on a horizontal wreath. Advent is the time where we press into the Eternal with an expectation of Him breaking through and interrupting our lives. In the birth of the baby, in Bethlehem, we find the essential of every human hope and every earthly fear. What the poets and prophets hoped and prayed for, and what the principalities and powers feared most, is what the birth of the Christ child brought into the world. My desire this season is to bear the image of the heavenly -  to have Christ formed in me.
You, what’s your hope?

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