Hero to Zero

Palm Sunday. A beast of burden. A lone rider. Cloths littering the street. Jubilant crowds. Praises proclaimed. Victory given. Branches of palms strewn across His path. Triumphal entry. A hero’s welcome. This was the first Palm Sunday.  The prophet Zechariah, wrote: “…Cry out with joy, O daughter of Zion! Shout jubilantly, O daughter of Jerusalem! Look—your King is coming; He is righteous and able to save. He comes seated humbly on a donkey, on a colt…” Allegiance forgotten. Selfish admirers. Hypocritical hailers. From hero to apparent zero within a week. Do you worship the King, the Savior, one week and all but deny Him the next? Palm Sunday has a lesson for each of us...Pastor Keith 
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